What is a Helpdesk?

Traditionally, the helpdesk is a specialized part of the customer service team that acts as a focus point for customer inquiries and requests. The helpdesk also takes the lead with problem resolution, service recovery, and follow-up. The helpdesk will proactively identify trends and potential issues with customer impact.  If we likened customer service to the human body, attitude and commitment are the heart, training is the backbone and the helpdesk is the nerve center.

What is Helpdesk Software?

Helpdesk software is designed to make delivering great customer service easier. It can organize and track all customer communications and requests. Helpdesk software can put all the information easily within your reach without having to use multiple systems or screens. With it, you can quickly status a request and take further action, such as modifying, expediting, or escalating. Helpdesk software allows you to focus solely on the customer’s needs.

How can the right Helpdesk Software affect customer service for you?

  • Requests handled more quickly.
  • Increased accuracy, consistency, and quality.
  • More punctual follow-up.
  • Enables better, proactive communication.
  • More time to focus on the customer relationship.
  • Customer satisfaction increases.
  • Makes possible a superior customer experience.

The reality is that most helpdesk software in use today only addresses one or two of these functions, resulting in a slow, disconnected, and unsatisfying experience for the customer.

There is one helpdesk software that provides all this functionality and more: Request Tracker Pro.

Why choose Request Tracker Pro for your helpdesk software?

Request Tracker Pro is a comprehensive support hub that keeps track of every customer communication whether by phone, email, SMS, or even social media. Request Tracker Pro uses a customizable queue system to organize and prioritize requests. It tracks changes and schedules follow-ups.
Request Tracker Pro enhances communication by automating replies to selected requests and alerting team members of updates and issues.  Request Tracker Pro also analyzes trends and requests to spot potential problem areas.

There is no doubt that the right Helpdesk software can allow you to focus more on what is important to growing your business, your customer’s satisfaction. Let Request Tracker Pro prove to you what a superior customer service tool it is.

If you want to use helpdesk software to manage customer service and keep your customers satisfied, Request Tracker Pro is just what you need.  Its effortless setup and user-friendly features make it easy to provide amazing customer service.  Try our extended trial today and set your own price. This is a deal you don’t want to miss.  


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