Grow Your Business with These Valuable SMB Resources

Want to grow your business?  You might need a little help.  Along with the right tools , these SMB resources will help you achieve your business goals.  Below are several of our favorites. These resources can help you scale, grow and manage your fast paced, customer focused business. With all of our experience we have used the following to help us in just those situations.


With over 10,000 volunteers, this amazing network works hard to help entrepreneurs.

SCORE offers business mentoring and training at no cost, making it accessible for anyone.  This volunteer organization holds workshops, hosts webinars, and provides helpful resources.

Many business experts have joined SCORE as volunteer mentors, willingly giving their time to guide and encourage new business owners. To find a mentor or chapter near you, just go to SCORE’s website and enter your zip code.    

Small Business Advice (SBA)

This SMB resource will help you:

SBA is a great source for business-related advice, guidance, and legal information.  Visit this website when you want to learn more about starting, funding, and legally protecting your business.

  • Find loans to fund your business;
  • Learn about business credit cards;
  • Choose the right insurance for your business;
  • Set up a payroll system;
  • Learn how to protect your brand and business ideas from competitors.

Exit Promise

Exit Promise is another helpful SMB resource that you should check out. This site provides useful tools that help you increase profits, make wise funding decisions, and discover how much your business is worth.

Exit Promise also has informative articles that teach entrepreneurs about starting and selling a business.  In addition, you can take an assessment that helps you determine whether or not you are ready to sell your business.

If you haven’t already, you need to take advantage of the SMB resources mentioned in this article. Take a look at what they have to offer because the information and assistance they provide might be just what your business needs.

And don’t forget to use the right SMB tools that will keep your business running smoothly while it’s growing. 


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