We have created an intuitive, easy to use customer support platform that streamlines businesses support channels

Keeping Up Can Be Tough

As companies grow, keeping up with everything can be a struggle. You need to complete all sales inquiries and handle every support request. Without the right system in place, communication between team members and customers can quickly fall apart while customers get left behind with no response.

Maybe your sales team sends texts to leads while your support staff responds to customer support emails. What about communication between team members? Sometimes staff texts each other while other times they send an email. This isn't efficient!

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A Better Solution

We solve this challenge by bringing conversations you have between different tools and services you use to get the job done together. Email, phone, text, Facebook, and Twitter all conveniently managed within one dashboard.

Request Tracker Pro is a support hub that brings all your requests and inquiries under one roof so your team can collaborate effectively and respond quicker. The problem with other support systems are that they are complex and take time to learn. However, that's not the case with us!

Focusing On What's Important

We focus on what's important and keep it simple. We avoid useless features and tons of clutter so nothing gets in your way. You don't need an extensive training program to teach staff how to use Request Tracker Pro either. It just works.

We can do this because customer service is in our DNA. We created a system that's perfect for customer support reps and team collaboration. With an intuitive interface and a system that just makes sense, your team will quickly get more work done and can enjoy doing so.

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Avoid Negative Customer Experiences!

A terrible customer support experience can convince someone to look elsewhere and never look back. A positive experience can turn a new customer into a loyal follower. Our goal is to make it easy to craft endless positive customer experiences so more customers not only choose you, but stay with you.

It doesn't end there. We also take security and privacy seriously. With redundant servers and a robust cloud architecture, we strive to keep your data safe in our hands.

With Request Tracker Pro, we aim to bring happiness back into the support functions of organizations. We guarantee this leads to happier employees and customers. As we like to say, a happy customer is a customer for life.

Our Team

As co-founder and Chief Technologist, Neil Heuer utilized the greatest asset of one of the top hosting companies in the world, people.  Leveraging that great advantage, they quickly discovered customer service was a huge differentiator. Utilizing technology and their experience providing outstanding customer service, the team formalized their best practices and an internal tool set emerged.

Years later no longer in the hosting industry, wanting to continue to provide outstanding customer service for their clients they initiated a search for a suitable toolset.  When the market proved none was intuitive and easy to use, yet powerful and flexible a decision was made to go back to the drawing board.

Quickly they determined the only way to accomplish what businesses need and customers deserve was to develop a new product set.  Thus, Request Tracker Pro was born.

“When a customer needs support or a question answered and they email it to you, they don’t want to wait two days to get a response. They don’t want to call and be put on hold for an hour. They want a resolution now.”

Shep Hyken

Let's Improve Your Customer Loyalty