If You Want A Simple Yet Effective Communication Hub Then Request Tracker Pro Is For You

A Simple System Teams Love Using

Request Tracker Pro is crafted with an intuitive interface, making it simple to learn and fun to use. We want you to notice benefits the moment you start using it. Just a simple yet powerful system that improves communication and increases satisfaction so your team can get more done and enjoy every step of the process.

  • An easy to use system without unnecessary bloat
  • Improve communication between customers and team members
  • Respond to inquiries quicker
Improve Communication

Save Time And Get More Done

We help companies improve every interaction. Team members know what needs their attention and what can wait. With a quick scan, you can see how well your teams are handling everything. From sales to customer service, Request Tracker Pro saves time and helps you get more work done.

  • Templates make it super easy to send common responses
  • Collaboration saves time so your team can get more done
  • From sales to support tickets, we can improve your efficiency

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Happy customers are willing to spend more money with you. Use templates to upsell clients and send the perfect message every time. Respond to customer inquiries quicker with everything in one place. With collaboration features, teams can work together to better serve clientele.

Everything you need to increase revenue and meet your goals is right here.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Sometimes it only takes one negative experience for a customer to jump ship. They can leave a negative review and tell others about their experience with you. This can happen from something as simple as forgetting to reply to their question. We help you prevent situations like this with useful features, such as follow-up reminders, so your team always knows which customers need attention.

Happy customers become loyal customers. Loyal customers lead to an improved bottom line and more sales.

Improve Customer Service

The Ultimate Information Hub

Tracking communications between different platforms can open up the possibility of letting customers slip between the cracks. We bring all your communications under one platform, helping teams stay organized and preventing requests from falling between the cracks.

Communication Hub Platform

Bring all your communications together:

  • Phone Calls
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Nexmo
  • Twilio
  • Facebook (coming soon)

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