Helping Teams Work Smarter, Not Harder

An All-In-One Support Hub

With Request Tracker Pro, it doesn't matter whether people contact you by phone, email, SMS or social media. Every communication is kept in the same, easy-to-use dashboard so your team has immediate access to everything.

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Say Hello To Queues - The Easiest Way To Stay On Top

It's easy to keep customer requests organized with queues. Instantly know where problems or requests arise and where to focus your attention and valuable resources.

Handling Support Tickets? It's Better With Us

We take customer support management and team collaboration to the next level.

Know When To Follow-Up

When it comes to sales, remembering to follow-up is a priority. Our Follow-Up Calendar makes sure you always follow-up on time. The calendar view shows the upcoming follow-ups making it easy to see what's coming up next.

Track Changes With History

A ticket isn't always handled in one swoop. Every change or update to a ticket is logged so teammates know who did what, when and what should happen next.

Organize Queues Into Groups For Painless Management

Every organization handles things slightly differently. Your command center should do the same. Order and group queues by priority so they match the way your team works.

Notify Everyone With The Bulletin

Sometimes something happens and everyone should know about it. Admins can use the bulletin to display promotions or issues to every agent in a queue so everyone is immediately in the loop on the latest happenings.

It's Easy To Find Problematic Areas

With our dashboard, you can see if there is a large problem impacting your customer base. It's quick and easy to determine how people are reaching out to you by a certain channel and where a significant issue occurs.

Automate By Canned Response

Respond with one voice.  Have canned responses to use over and over again for more repetitive situations. This helps respond quickly and consistently.

See Ticket Flow In Realtime

Easily see the number of times the customer responded, and the number of times you responded.  When there is too much back and forth everyone suffers.

Who Clicked That Ticket

As an administrator, see who clicked on that ticket and when.  See who is struggling to keep up or avoiding the issues.  Identify difficult issues and improve training.

Ticket History

You can see the ticket history for the sender of this ticket.  Matching the email address or SMS number the system will help you to identify a pattern and know the background of your clients.

Focus On What's Important With Heat Maps

Heat maps automatically mark open tickets a certain color after a specified amount of time. Brand new tickets can be marked a certain color so your team knows they just opened up. Tickets opened for a long time are marked a specified color after a specific number of minutes so team members know these tickets take precedence over others.


A couple ways we continue helping you bring all your communications together.
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Utilize Slack to get notifications of new or updated tickets

Sometimes it's convenient to have all your notifications in Slack. With our Slack integration, it's easy to get notified about new or updated tickets directly in Slack, right where you want them.

Inbound AND Outbound Texting With Nexmo And Twilio

Not only can you monitor inbound text messages, but you can respond to text messages (outbound) with our Nexmo and Twilio integrations. Just another way we bring all your communications to your favorite dashboard.

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Connect Customer Information With Freshbooks

Connect your account to Freshbooks and all your customer data is synced automagically. No need to manually add customers.

See customers payment history with Stripe

Viewing payment history can be vital information for sales and customer support teams. Interact with your user database and view payment history via your customers in Stripe.

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Twitter Logo

Monitor Mentions And Respond To Twitter Customers

Receive and respond to Twitter DM's, monitor mentions of your brand, and quickly respond to customers, all without opening Twitter.

API Available

Use our API to integrate Request Tracker Pro with your systems and create new tickets from there.

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Make It Yours

The customization you need without the extra complexities.

Choose A Theme That Reflects Your Brand

Choose from one of our themes to customize the colors of the interface and better reflect your brand.

If You Use Email, You Can Use Request Tracker Pro

Request Tracker Pro is designed to be intuitive and familiar. The interface is similar to an email composer. This recognizable design helps teams can get up and running quickly.

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