Many fields in RequestTrackerPro can be personalized with variables, or short pieces of code that are replaced with context-relevant information. You can use variables in canned responses, replies to customer tickets, comments to other agents, and more.

To use variables, simple add the appropriate variable where you want to add that piece of information, making sure to include both the curly brackets and % character.

Available variables in RequestTrackerPro:

{%ticket.subject%} The subject of the incoming ticket.
{} The name of your organization.
{} The name of the customer.
{%ticket.number%} The ticket’s ID number.
{%AgentName%} The name of the agent responding to the ticket.

Variable Example: Canned Response

Here is a brief example of how using variables looks when creating a canned response:

Hi there {}!

I’m {%AgentName%}, and I’ve received your ticket and am currently looking into a solution. Stay tuned!


{%AgentName%}, CS Specialist at {}.

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