Canned responses


This article explains how canned responses work, and when and where you might want to use them. You can also:

Canned Responses are sets of pre-written, customizable ticket responses that your agents can use to quickly respond to common customer questions, issues, or other topics. They’re great for keeping your support team on the same page when responding to service outage, billing, or other tickets, or even just to let customers know that their support ticket was received and your team is actively engaged in providing a solution.

However, it’s important to go too overboard with canned responses — they’re great for speeding up initial responses and frequently used messaging, but customers will respond when they know that they are talking to a real human.

Canned responses can also be set up to appear only for specific categories of tickets, so technical support-related canned responses will appear only on technical support tickets.

Admin and manager users in RequestTrackerPro can make canned responses available for your entire organization, and all user levels can make canned responses for their personal use.

Here are some great uses for canned responses:

  • Letting customers know that an agent has reviewed and is working on their issue.
  • Informing users about service outages and downtimes, both planned and unexpected.
  • Thanking customers after their issue has been resolved, and directing them to a survey.

Here are some times when you should NOT use a canned response:

  • Very high value, white glove-level customers and clients.
  • Tickets for new, never before seen, or highly technical issues.

Personal Vs. Organization Wide Canned Responses

In RequestTrackerPro, there are two types of canned response: personal and organization wide.

Personal canned responses are useable only to the agent that created them. These are particularly useful for agents with specific support duties, like a billing support agent.

Organization wide canned responses are useable to all agents in your organization, and are primarily intended for quick responses to common issues.

You can also personalize your canned responses with variables. When included in a canned response, the variable is replaced by the appropriate information. To use variables in a canned response, simply add the appropriate variable where you would add that piece of information, and make sure to include the curly brackets and % character.

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